Professions is probably one of our most complicated system on the server, however, very easy to use when understood! We have multiple professions that changes the common recipes for different items that will benefit you in the future, when leveled. We wanted to create multiple systems for progression to keep the game interesting and give everyone unique paths to choose from. When it comes to crafting the main focus is on increasing the Base Modifiers to items. For example the profession diamond chiseling, the more helmets you create increases the base stats of that certain type of helmet, making the item exponentially increase in durability and armor value. The higher the level the item the higher the quality. This is done by taking 1 prismarine per level and adding it with the amount of materials the item normally takes such as 5 diamonds, to create a high level item. This is how all the professions work.

Our professions include:
Leather Working
Iron Working
Diamond Chiseling
Stone Working

Each profession has a maximum level obtainable of 120 but stone working only goes up to level 20.

Stone working is probably the most unique system that allows you to create blocks with durability to increase your base's defense. The blocks durability goes down by 1 everytime it gets hit with a TNT explosion. Although stone working is much harder to level up it is used to create bases far more powerful than obsidian but is much more expensive. Obsidian can only take 3 TNT explosion hits while blocks made from stone working can take much more hits.

Crafting food increases the potion effect that food provides. Each food is as listed:
Steak - Increases maximum health
Porkchop - Increase fire and fall resistance
Cooked Salmon - Increases damage
Cooked Mutton - Increases resistance/armor
Golden Carrot - Increases health regeneration
Golden Apple - Increases health regeneration and maximum health

Only one food effect can be active at a time so choose wisely for each situation you are in!

Keep in mind that vanilla crafting is still possible but if you wish to level up your profession, you must use the /professions command to craft the items stated above.