Premium Currency

As with many MMORPGs, MidnightMC is a free to play and non-pay-to-win game. However, we do have options for those who seek them and want to support the server. MidnightMC introduces custom skins to the server that can be seen with using our server's resource pack. Along with skins, we also offer respecs, mounts, enderchest slots and a few donator only commands that will not provide a boost in the actual gameplay of this server! You can find more information about these by using the command /buy, including our premium currency known as Gold. You can purchase Gold at the rate of 100 Gold per 1$ USD. With Gold you can purchase in-game cosmetics such as subscriptions and skins, as well as different mounts that are unlockable. Subscription status includes a 50% increased EXP booster to all professions and leveling, as well as a large amount of gold equal to the dollar spent per subscription. It is the best value we have in the shop! And as we stated above about being a free to play server, Gold can also be found by killing bosses and completing Dungeons, but at a much lower rate.