Auction House

Our Auction House is simple, use /ah to open it to see what is for sale or what is up for bidding! You can also use /ah sell (price) to sell whatever is in your hand and you can use /ah bid (price) to start an auction bid. This is a global shop that everyone has access to, used for buying and selling items of your choice. You can list your item for sale for 7 days and after the time has passed, your item will be taken off the Auction House where you can collect it the next time you are online. For items put up for bidding, the price you set is the starting bid price and players will be allowed to increase the bid price by a minimum of $100. These bids will last for 15 minutes and the player with the highest bid wins the item at the end of the 5 minute duration. You will have 7 days after winning the bid to claim your item.