Welcome to the wiki

This is the Official Wiki for MidnightMC. Here you will find all sorts of information that will help guide you as you progress through our server! But first, an introduction:

The world of MidnightMC is based on three major MMORPG games that you may all know: World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls and Albion Online. Although these are our inspirations, they are are from the final goal we wish to achieve. There are a few other Minecraft servers that have a MMORPG based but we believe we are nothing like them. We strive to add unique content to vanilla Minecraft without changing the whole vanilla aspect of the game. We love Minecraft and we only want to improve what is already there!

When you start on the server you should expect nothing out of the ordinary. You start off in a nice little town that opens you up to what we have to offer at MidnightMC. All adventurers starts off as Level 1 where you can choose your class and learn an amazing skill that will help you through your adventures. As you go out and explore, you wouldn't need to worry about over-leveled players as PVP is disabled for those under Level 5. As stated above, the early game will feel much like vanilla Minecraft where you explore with friends, set up a base, finding decent gear and so on. However, once you reach a certain threshold, Diamond Armor with Protection 3 and Sword with Sharpness 4, it is recommended that you start fighting bosses spawned throughout the world. At this point, you will also be able to queue up with friends or random players to traverse through dungeons, which is the best way to get levels. Dungeons are the best way to get levels for your class while bosses are the best way to get crate keys for amazing loot. Every 8 levels on your class will obtain you an attribute point that you can spend on your skill tree, slowly making you stronger and more prepared for dungeons and bosses. Leveling up allows you to go through higher tier dungeons and bosses which slowly bypasses the vanilla limit of Minecraft. We offer a bunch of amazing features so you will never have nothing to do, you just have to explore! For further information about all the features we have to offer here at MidnightMC, feel free to check out the other tabs on the Wiki.